5 tips you need to make your Youtube channel a success.

Creating a YouTube channel is a fun way to share your passion with the world. It becomes even more interesting when many people subscribe to your channel. If enough people subscribe and watch your videos, it’s even possible to make a living out of your channel. How cool is that?! If you have this ambition here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Youtube channel. It’s best to plan in advance: what do you want to achieve with your channel and what kind of videos will you make? In this article you will find 5 tips you need to make your channel a success.



Buy a descent vlog camera

A good quality camera, high resolution, good battery life and preferably not too heavy. A life as an influencer or a popular Youtube channel all starts with the right vlog camera. For your first camera, we don’t recommend spending a lot of money. There are excellent vlog cameras available today for a budget price.



Make sure you have good lightning

Good lighting adds atmosphere to your videos and makes your skin stand out better. In addition, good lighting makes a fresh, professional impression. So, it’s important to pay attention to it. White light (such as outside, or under a window) always works better than yellow light, and above all there should be sufficient light.


Add captions to your videos

More and more people consume video every day, so you want to make them accessible to the largest audience possible. To do this add captions to your videos with an automatic subtitle application. There are plenty online applications to choose from. You’ll have to upload your video and the application converts your mp4 to text, online in a matter of minutes. Doing this will make your Youtube channel more accessible to different audiences. Help people with hearing problems access your content. It’s a great way to get more subscribers and grow your following! Very important if you want to succeed as a full-time Youtuber!


Create a channel trailer

With a short trailer that indicates what people can expect from your videos, you increase your chances of success. A good trailer grabs the attention of your visitors within a few seconds. Keep it short and make sure you use striking images. The best trailer is created by assuming that viewers have never heard of you. It must show who you are and what you stand for.



Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Preferably to people you trust, but who are not necessarily your friends. When it comes to marketing, you can tend to be blinded by your own activities. For example, you want to improve your videos, but you’re not sure what or how. Ask an acquaintance who knows what you can change. Often, such people see several things that you do not see or have not yet seen in that way.