Novomatic, The Story Behind the Brand

Novomatic is an Austrian gaming company founded by the businessman Johann Graf. The story of Novomatic dates back to the 1970s while he worked at the butcher shop, a business owned by his family. During the 70s, Johann Graff partnered with a retailer by the name of Gerhard Brodnik and founded their own business known as Brotnick and Graff. With this new business, they imported Belgian pinball machines and distributed them to bars and cafes around Austria. During this time, the company was focusing on supplying everything casino related with a major focus on slot machines.

After the company was founded, it took them almost ten years to establish their very first casino known as Admiral Montreux in 1980 and this was after Brodick left the company and Johann Graff took full charge. Soon after, the company worked on improving their games and started to expand globally. The first area to expand as the rest of Europe and later America.

Few casino game software developers are as well known as Novomatic, with their classic games being present in many casinos around the world as well as bringing many innovations to the gaming industry. The company has become one of the most recognized as one of the largest and most influential in the gaming industry, operates in fifty countries and exports high-end gaming equipment to about eighty nations worldwide.


Novomatic Innovations

Today, the group has major gaming production facilities at its Austrian headquarters. The company is responsible for developing Applied Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC, the hardware that later will become the foundation of their best casino games. The gaming equipment that they provide is known to be of premium quality and reliability with low maintenance requirements and after the machines are acquired by a casino, they continue to receive state-of-the-art service and support.

They have also developed the Novomatic biometrics system, a solution that allows easy identification of players. The technology consists of a modified fingerprint scanner with a local and centralized server that links multiple sites. The information is then exchanged via a web service that is encoded in a proprietary protocol.

In 2010 they acquired Greentube, a move that allowed them to expand online. While Novomatic had a popular collection of games at the time, they also added many new types of games to their library over the years such as online slots, bingo as well as table games. The many new games added including 5 Card draw, Omaha and also Texas Hold’em. Green Tube also has a group of social games under the Greentube Pro platform and was made to provide land-based and online casinos with the possibility for their patrons to play for free.


The Games

While the company has been in operation for a long time, they continued to innovate and remain relevant over the years and their games are still beloved by many players around the world. In 2020, Novomatic hits the 40-year mark since they have been in the gaming business and will have a major presence at this year’s ICE London with Herald Newmann, the company’s current CEO saying that not only they will present a gaming portfolio but also celebrate the 40 years of service with their partners and customers.

Novomatic has greatly focused on online games while at the same time improving their land-based counterparts. Their games have and remain very popular and beloved by many players, and while some of their games may seem a bit outdated, they are considered classics and still very popular with the player base. The most attractive games, especially in the online casino platforms are the slots games which have colourful graphics and amazing soundtracks that complement the game without distracting from it. While their slot games are their most popular products, they are also well known for games belonging to other genres such as table games. Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are also part of their gaming portfolio, each of them having different options for players.


Final Words

A significant way of how they managed to bring their games to as many people as possible is by offering peace of find for their players by providing safety and security and by gaining licences in many parts around the world. Their main focus is still in Europe, in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and also the UK. They also managed to expand to other parts of the world such as Canada and South Africa. At gaming events such as ICE London 2015, they had a massive presence with a 4500 square meter booth and showcasing 25 companies under their portfolio. To this day, the company is still growing and has a firm stance on being the gaming provider that for all gaming-related needs.