What’s the most suitable floor for a company’s HQ?

When you work in an office, foot traffic tends to be very high. The bigger the number of employees, the higher the foot traffic. Then there is the budget, installation process, maintenance, repair, and service life that have to be considered. 

Here are some floor material options for corporate offices. 


One of the flooring materials that offers durability, elegance, and style. Hardwood floors are perfect for that touch of class and luxurious feel in a room, like executive offices. It usually comes with a hefty price tag though. Hardwood can be easy to maintain and floor finishes can be applied to help reduce scratches or stains. If it has too many scratches or stains, or looks weathered, sanding and refinishing can make it look brand new. 


Vinyl flooring is quite inexpensive and offers a variety of style, color, and design. It is best for high traffic areas like main offices and hallways. Vinyl is quite long lasting, requires minimal maintenance, and very easy to clean. Treatments can be applied to make it slip-, scratch-, and stain-resistant. 

Natural stone 

Natural stone is the most luxurious and high maintenance material for offices. It is perfect for office lobbies or receptions where you give your first best impression. It is prone to scratches or stains though but a protective sealer will help reduce them. Regular maintenance and cleaning is a must. 


Laminate flooring is popular because it gives hardwood vibes at a fraction of the cost. Like vinyl, laminate flooring is available in different styles and colors. It is quite easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. It can be resistant to scratches, stains, and surface moisture too. It only requires regular care and cleaning. 



Rubber flooring is another versatile flooring option. It is durable, easy to clean and care for, low maintenance, resistant to heat and water. Plus it is slip resistant, offers sound absorption, and is comfortable to walk on. It is best used for high traffic areas like rec rooms, hallways, open office space layouts. 


Designing offices presents many challenges. The image of the company should be reflected in the design aesthetics, and functionality should be weaved into it as well.