Brands like Self Portrait for Exclusive Dresses & More

The Self Portrait brand is certainly not for everyone. Their dresses are terribly expensive, and although they are fabulous, they are usually dresses perfect for just one specific occasion. In other words, it’s not the best fit for everyone. Especially, if you attend a tennis match at Wimbledon on a daily. We have gathered a list of similar brands that are somewhat like self portrait. Brands that are especially popular among insiders in the fashion scene.

Brands like Self Portrait, Specifically for dresses and cheaper

Below we have mainly listed similar brands, but then mainly for other types of clothing and accessories. Everything is bohemian chique.

If you are looking for dress brands like Self Portrait but cheaper, you chould check out:

  • Coast
  • Little Mistress
  • True Decadence

The dresses are almost just as Elegant as Self Potrait’s, and they can be bought for around $75 a piece.


The design brainchild of Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian. They are able to balance a soft and gentle feminine style yet technically brilliant clothes. If you are looking for a 70s feel that has a classic, modern look, this is the label for you. They specialize in bohemian styles that still look elegant, not sloppy. They may be under the radar but a blouse may set you back USD 180 a piece.


Hina Moss is the brains behind Kirei clothing. Started in 2015, Moss endeavored to create stylish women’s clothing that is made of natural fabrics. She is inspired by the different textiles she encounters in her travels. Her base is in India and has a strong advocacy to protect the environment. Not to mention her heavy involvement in different charities in India. A simple lace blouse may cost USD 85.

Manu Atelier

Turkish sisters Merve and Beste Manatir are the powerhouse designers behind Manu Atelier. Taking after their father’s artistry and craftsmanship, they work on offering luxurious innovative designs that are affordable. Established in 2014, they specialize in handcrafted leather goods. Their designs have a classic feel to them. And every product has a stamp of excellent quality all over it. Bag prices start as USD 300.



French bargain hunter Morgane Sezalory created an online retail shop in 2008 where she curated different fashion items. In 2013, she took the plunge and focused on designing. And it is not just clothes but entire wardrobes. She plays with color and prints, each celebrating femininity and a classic aesthetic. A simple blouse may be priced at USD 90.



Selfridge is the exclusive carrier of MO&Co. A brand that started in 2004 in China, the brand sticks to classic styles with a twist. Some designs have an androgynous look. They are not afraid to combine bold colors yet maintain a minimalistic look. A simple tee is priced at USD 85.


Senso is an Australian shoe brand that is now entirely a family affair. Started by husband and wife Kim and Scarlett Melor in the 80s, their product offerings have been based on what they would wear themselves. Fast forward to 2010, their 3 daughters got their hands dirty and joined the family business. They infused fresh ideas and unique takes on marketing and branding. They have the ability to combine comfort and style. A pair of Sensos may cost you USD 120.


Renli Su

Renli Su is a Chinese fashion designer with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and master’s degree in Fashion Design and Technology. She started her own fashion line in 2013. What sets her apart is her panache for handmade designs and use of fabrics and textile that are environment-friendly. Scoring a Renli Su scarf may set you back USD 230. So in terms of pricing, its very much like Self Portrait. An alternative if you will.


Rae Feather

Fashion designer Rae Feather’s design policy is to keep it classy and timeless. She loves adding a simple yet unique twist to casual attire. She also prides herself for offering personalized items, should customers ask for it. Buying a Rae Feather original will not break the bank. You can buy a personalized straw bag for only USD 120.

What are your favorite alternatives to Self Portrait? Let us know!

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