Brands similar to Free People – Boho Brands similar to Free People

The Bohemian style has been around since the 70s and is still going strong as a classic style. The brand Free People is especially good at capturing its spirit.  Known for its comfort and easy style, men and women all over the world love this fashion staple. Over time, several boho brands have surfaced. Here are some of the best that are available on the market, the best alternatives to Free People. Brands like Free People that are sometimes even better and cheaper.


With their trademark tattered hem, they bring you that rocker-fashionista combination that is effortless yet sincere. Jaime Blakey is the genius behind the brand, which she started in 2000. OneTeaspoon offers something for every man, woman, and child. A pair of her signature shorts costs about USD 81.

Lucky Brand

An ode to an American classic, Lucky Brand is known for their denims. But make no mistakes, they are not just about denims. They extended their clothing line to shirts, jackets, activewear, and dresses. They also added accessories, shoes, jewelry, and bags. Their design philosophy is simple: design something wearable forever. A classic pair of denims start at USD 80.

Urban Outfitters

This is one of the best-known brands in the market. And it is no wonder; their collection is always fresh, vibrant, and young. But not to say that their target market is just the young set. They have classic shirts, jeans, and jackets. It all started when Richard Hayne and Scott Belair started a retail store back in the 70s. They have diversified their line and it now has bags and shoes as well. A simple shirt is quite affordable at USD 30. In terms of fame they are a brand like Free People. Also check out more stores like Urban Outfitters.


Angela O’Brien is the genius behind Cleobella. The name Cleobella is actually O’Brien’s mom’s name. Her philosophy in life to embrace it to the fullest is also the catalyst behind all her designs. She started her business in Bali, Indonesia, getting most of her inspiration from the culture and its very nature. Similar to Free People, She makes sure she maintains the excellence in every products, hiring local artisans. She also supports sustainability and provides work to the locals. Wearing a Cleobella outfit just makes you want to lounge around and relax or go out and play. A simple crop top will set you back USD 80.


Australian designer Rachel Evans started Minkpink in 2005. With her simple design philosophy, which is based on what she herself would wear, she has built her empire and made Minkpink one of the top 5 brands in Australia. She plays with colors and patterns, styles and cuts. She maintains that sense of comfortable fashion that is most appealing to the public. Her line offers everything and anything for every woman, for every season. Check out her dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, and knits. A fur jacket will set you back USD 110 while a basic top costs about USD 30.


Anthropologie is one of the most famous retail brands in the world. Richard Hayne founded the company, after Urban Outfitters. Anthropologie caters more to the adult and mature set but they still give that fresh and hip vibe. They have plains and prints, colorful and simple. They have lookbooks for different styles and occasions which you can choose from. Several years into the business, they have diversified their product line from everything and anything you will need for your wardrobe and your home. They are a worthy alternative for Free People. Blouses cost starting USD 50. So they are also rather cheap.

Let us know what you feel are the brands most like Free People! Want something more exclusive? We have also rounded up the best similar brands to Self Portrait.