The Top Three Lessons Online Casinos Teach About Web Design

In just a few short decades, online gaming has established itself as a multi-billion-dollar industry. But aside from providing a wide range of fun and innovative games for players to sink their teeth into, it has also hit the headlines for its unique approach to web design on a global scale.

From likeable characters to smooth transitions, there is a great deal to unpack when it comes to the design aspect of online casinos. In today’s oversaturated market, in particular, it is now more important than ever before to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with the lessons online casinos can teach about web design.


Navigation is key

When it comes to designing an online casino, navigation is key. Without it, customers will tire of attempting to steer themselves in the right direction and may end up continuing their search elsewhere.

Think of the least tech-savvy persons you know. If they struggle to navigate a particular online casino, it may benefit them to spend more time, and money, on designing a website that is not only accessible for its intended target audience but is also user-friendly from start to finish. With so many online casinos to choose from in today’s online gaming market, you must capture the attention of the player in a matter of seconds. 

In order to do so, you must prioritise navigation from the very onset. As well as ensuring its ease of use on desktop platforms, it must also be optimised for mobile or smart devices. With a growing number of consumers engaging in online gaming on the go whenever or wherever they may be, your website must be fully functional across a wide range of both standalone and handheld devices.


Aesthetic symbolism is everything 

As well as prioritising navigation, successful online casinos also understand the importance of aesthetics. With online casinos designed to replicate the grandeur of traditional brick and mortar casinos, a number of leading platforms have taken the time to inject a sense of glitz and glamour into their online offerings. As well as inviting the player in, it also encourages them to check out the wide range of slot machines and games they have to offer. This can also lead to word-of-mouth marketing which can be a powerful tool for brand awareness. 

For example, popular fruit machine symbols and slot icons tend to be associated with fruit. Historically, this symbolises abundance, plenty, and harvest. They are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are proof that consumers are more likely to engage with an image of something they enjoy the look of as opposed to an image of something that is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. In addition, bright lights, gold symbols, and colourful images also contribute to a visually enjoyable online gaming experience.

Image Source: Unsplash.


Consistency is important

As a web designer involved in the construction of an online casino, consistency should be your number one priority. Without it, players will struggle to form a connection between the game and its surroundings. They may also struggle to continue playing with little to no uniformity from start to finish.

 One of the best ways to ensure consistency is to include a number of recognisable characters, symbols, and icons on each webpage. By doing so, you can enhance brand awareness and improve customer retention. Several key factors to consider include text size, font, theming, background, and colour. By picking a select few elements and sticking to them throughout the entire design process, players are much more likely to return time and time again.

A familiar title, logo or mascot can also ensure players recognise an online casino or slot game in an instant. When it comes to web design as a whole, consistency can have the same effect on consumers. With the internet continuing to expand at a rapid pace, it is just as important to retain customers as it is to attract interested consumers within your chosen niche. 

Online casinos have taken the online gaming world by storm in recent decades. But with so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In order to stand out from the crowd, there are a number of factors you must consider beforehand. With competition fiercer than ever before, web design is one of the fields in which online casinos can really stand out. As a result, they can teach us a number of lessons about web design such as that navigation is key, aesthetics are everything, and consistency is important.