Stores like Urban Outfitters – Best Streetwear stores similar to Urban Outfitters

In 1970, as a class project, students Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair of University of Pennsylvania started the retail store Free People. They continued running the store and later changed the name to Urban Outfitters and incorporated it in 1975. And the rest, as the cliche goes, is history. It has 245 stores in North America and Europe, plus stores in Israel and Pakistan. Urban Outfitters’ style of apparel and fashion can be be best described as quirky and hippie, not really ascribing to a particular style. It is a lifestyle brand for young people. Because of its offbeat and off the wall products, they have drawn flak from ethnic, religious, and ethical groups and organizations.  

These brands are quite similar to Urban Outfitters.  


Spanish fast fashion retailer Zara has been around since 1975. Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera are the brains behind Zara. Zara is part of the Inditex Group of Companies. Zara has 10,000 stores worldwide, including online stores in countries. Ortega originally called the brand Zorba but changed it to Zara when he realized a pub already used the name. Zara’s product line has expanded over the years. Aside from men and women’s apparel and fashion accessories, they also carry Zara kids apparel and Zara Home products. Men and women’s shirts start at USD 10, skinny jeans start at USD 30, and shoes start at USD 30.  


Free People 

Free People was founded by Richard Hayne, his first wife Judy Wicks, and Scott Belari in the 1970s. The brand was later renamed to Urban Outfitters. In 1984, Hayne and his wife Meg rebooted the Free People brand, different from Urban Outfitters. Free People fashion exudes a bohemian vibe. It is still under Urban Outfitters Inc. This time, the brand focuses on women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, skin care, cosmetics, even crystals and books. They also expanded their clothing line to include activewear through their FP Movement line. Free People has 1,400 brick-and-mortar stores in the world, including through its online stores and other retail outlets. A simple shirt starts at USD 20, skinny jeans at USD 68, and bikinis at USD 85. They also carry a selection of clothing for curvy figures. 

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TopShop debuted as a fashion brand in the 1960s, from the designs of Mary Quant and Stirling Cooper. The brand’s products were sold exclusively at Peter Robinson, a famous British fashion chain. In 1964, it was launched as Peter Robinson’s Top Shop. Everything they sold were considered high fashion for the youth. Over time, the brand has collaborated with up and coming fashion designers, keeping their product lines fresh and innovative. Top Shop has over 500 stores, majority of which are in the UK, and is present in 37 countries worldwide. Tops start at USD 6.50, skinny jeans at USD 26, mini dresses at USD 9, and pumps at USD 6.50.